Monday, August 13, 2007

SBD 1975-3-14 San Diego

March 14th, 1975 San Diego, California
Soundboard Recording

1. Rock And Roll
2. Sick Again
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. In My Time Of Dying
5. The Song Remains The Same
6. The Rain Song
7. Kashmir
8. No Quarter
9. Trampled Underfoot
10. Moby Dick
11. Dazed And Confused
12. Stairway To Heaven
13. Heartbreaker

UPDATED: Since 4shared thought Moby Dick was porn, Moby Dick has been renamed to "Moby", so now, you will be able to download it!

Quality: SBD 9.5
This is a really good sounding soundboard. Like all of the 1975 soundboards released by EVSD, this one has a very warm, and nice sound to it. Jimmy's guitar is low in the mix through most of the concert, sadly, but you can still hear him. Bonzo's bass drum is higher in the mix than usual, which I kind of like, as it gives the sound a very punchy feeling. EVSD did an excellent job with the EQ on this recording. So hats off to EVSD! Excellent!

Performance: 9
Another great performance from 1975. Plant is in good voice for the most part. The whole concert is just one great highlight. NOTE: Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog was played this night, but for some reason, is missing from the original soundboard recording.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to build a good Zep live collection in the past few months, and was really happy to see your site arrive. I notice that you have this show as listed as May 14, 1975, but I think that it should be March 14, 1975. I might be wrong, but anyway, thanks for what you are doing, and best wishes.


Zeppelin said...

ur right, it is march. lol, i just screwed up typing. thx for pointing that out!