Monday, August 13, 2007

SBD 1972-6-25 Long Beach

June 27, 1972 Long Beach, California
Soundboard Recording

1. What Is And What Should Never Be
2. Dancing Days
3. Moby Dick

UPDATED: Since 4shared thought Moby Dick was porn, Moby Dick has been renamed to "Moby", so now, you will be able to download it!

Quality: SBD 9.75
Probrably one of the best, if not the best soundboard recording from the '71/'72 tours. This sounds so good. It just sucks balls that it's incomplete. Every instrument comes in loud and clear, and every thing is very well balanced. Bonzo's snare drum kind of sounds like he has his snares turned off, but I highly doubt this is a problem with the recording, since I'm a drummer, and I'd probrably know if it was a recording problem or not.

Performance: 9.5
A great performance. It's kind of hard though to judge the performance from only 3 songs, but from what I've hear, this is great.


Ross said...

Thanks! do you have Burns Like A candle (Forum 72) and the Salt Lake 5/26/73?

Zeppelin said...

No, I don't have Burn Like A Candle anymore. I decided to delete it from my comp, because the quality really wasn't that good IMO. But I DO have Salt Lake 5/26/73. I will get it uploaded ASAP.

Anonymous said...

All links EVERYWHERE invalid. A huge waste of time, coming here...