Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving to megaupload

Hey Everyone,

I've decided to move to Megaupload, because I have realised that 4shared deletes my files after a limited amount of time. So, the time has come to move to megaupload. So, I will reupload everything that I have posted so far to megaupload, and in the future, I'll be uploading the rest of my collection to megaupload. Also, I will now be compressing them to .rar and .zip files, because it will make everything much easier for me, and for you downloaders. Peace my friends!


Anonymous said...

D: try to find somebody else because their schtick is that you can only download like 200MB a day which sucks for bootleggers.

Ross said...

Do you guys have the 1/22/73 show that is on Hammer Of The Gods. I assume theirs is FLAC because it is 9 rapidshare links.

I wanted to know whether you have a mp3 version

Anonymous said...

Would be good if you tagged the years of the shows so you can search by year.